About Sorbet

Sorbet is your nationwide beauty  and hair brand with over 200 stores nationwide. At Sorbet we live, eat and breathe service. We are determined to put a smile on the faces of all our citizens.


Sorbet hosts four brands in their arsenal, each one dedicated to specific needs and services for our citizens . Our extensive an extensive menu caters to: 


Sorbet Salon to unwind and relax with massages, waxes and dazzling nails. This is where we prioritise wellness for the modern women. 


Sorbet Drybar for amazing blowouts, cuts, color and nails. For the trendy, bold girl that loves to re-invent herself and understands that variety is the spice of life. 


Sorbet Nailbar for fabulous, soft hands, feet and nails. For the everyday woman that is obsessed with great nails on her hands and feet and loves being pampered. 


Sorbet MAN to keep gents suave and ready for every moment. This is the gent that loves grooming, the type of gent that always wants to show up as his best self. The modern man. 


Whether you’re a wig, weave or braid girll, Candi&Co is your go-to to keep our Candi-fam slaying every day of their lives. 


Our menus  offer a range of services- hot waxes, manicure and manlicures, blowouts and bro-outs, Hollywood and Brazilian, Swedish and gelish. We paint and we dip, we deep cleanse and we deep tissue. We do not deep sleep, we leave that for the day spas.


The Sorbet ethos has cemented us as one of the leading groups in the hair and beauty industry. With several awards to back our years of hard work, dedication and excellence. 


We serve with heart and we love what we do and that’s what has set us apart from the rest. At Sorbet we care and that’s why we don’t have customers we have guests. We work to make best friends forever and that’s how we keep you smiling. 


We’re more than a team at Sorbet, we’re a family, that’s why all our guests always walk out with a smile on their faces. We’re a reminder of a warm home filled with love and joy. 


We don’t do boring. We’re all about energy and synergy. And paying that FABULOUS feeling forward.